11 Rainy Day Date Ideas For Going Out And Staying In

Rain. The ultimate downer for a date? Think again! When the weather gets bad, you might think your choices are limited and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of options out there. You just need to be a little flexible and get creative!

Have a first date planned and looking for some great backup options in case the weather doesn’t work in your favor? We’ve got you! Here are eleven of our favorite rainy day date ideas to try!

Rainy Day Date Ideas: 11 Top Picks for Every Occasion

A bit of soggy weather doesn’t need to stand in the way of two people forming a genuine connection on a date. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to have a special time even when the weather is refusing to play ball, check out our top rainy date ideas picks below!

1. Host a board game night

More often than not, the name of the game on a rainy day is staying. There aren’t many better ways to kill time under a roof than playing a good board game. There are several great board and tabletop games that are great to play with two people, like Bananagrams, Codenames: Duet, and Rivals for Catan.

2. Cook a romantic meal together

Crafting a romantic dinner together is always fun, regardless of where your culinary skills are at! If you’re both terrible, there’ll be a lot of laughter and it offers a great chance for you to bond and form a deeper connection. Or, if one of you is a great cook and the other is still learning, one person can lead and the other can teach.

If you’re both great, well, the prize is a tasty meal at the end! Either way, an activity that you can both work at like cooking can be one of the most romantic rainy day ideas.


3. Grab dinner and a movie

If cooking isn’t your thing, this one’s a top choice. Of course, dinner and a movie is the classic romantic date combo and it still holds up today. It has all the makings of a good rainy day date: You’ll have plenty of things to talk about and it’s indoors. You’ll catch a few droplets driving from location to location, but we’re sure you’ll survive.

4. Try an escape room

This rainy day date idea might be better for couples who’ve been dating for some time already. For the uninitiated, escape rooms are puzzle challenges where you have to use a series of clues at your disposal to — you guessed it — escape from a room.

There are tons of escape rooms throughout the country and it’s genuinely one of the most fun date ideas on a rainy day. While they can be a little on the pricey side, they’re almost always a memorable experience and, of course, you’ll stay dry.

5. Go to a museum

One of the all-time great rainy day activities for couples, a museum visit is a top choice all round. Educational betterment aside, they give you something to talk about and they’re interesting regardless of how interesting your date is!

They also take the pressure off the conversation because you’re not directly seated across from each other the whole time. Art museums and science museums are both great, so you can’t really go wrong with either.

6. Visit a nearby coffee shop

You know this one already and for good reason. Coffee dates are a great way to kickstart real, meaningful connections. Not to mention, when it’s cold and rainy, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of drinking a warm cup of coffee. It’s comforting and it will perk you up on a day you might otherwise have preferred to spend in bed.

Pro tip: You’ll win points if you pick a coffee shop closer to them.


7. Head to a sporting event

One of the more memorable rainy date ideas is to hit up a sporting event together. Sports games take place pretty much every day in big cities across the US, from ice hockey to volleyball. Even if your date isn’t really into sports, heading out to watch something you’ve never seen live before can make for an unforgettable afternoon!

8. Attend a class

Some of the most romantic rainy day date ideas involve attending classes together. Find a common interest and find out what’s available in your local area. Maybe you both want to brush up on your drawing skills, or you’d love to attend a cooking class together. Or you could try a theatre group, a pottery class, a climbing lesson, or learn an instrument in tandem. Dance classes, martial arts, watercolor, singing, life drawing, speaking a foreign language – the sky’s the limit.

Learning anything new makes us feel fantastic, and as a couple, it can be a brilliant bonding experience that gives you fun new topics of conversation to chat about in the future.

9. Listen to some live music

One of the best rainy day activities for couples is watching live music. Pick a genre you both enjoy (classic love songs anyone?) and browse the evening’s listing for gigs. In any decent-sized town or city, you’re sure to find live music, whether it’s a stadium-filling rock band or an atmospheric jazz bar.

Live music is good for the soul, and will help you feel closer to your partner – so head out together and follow the good vibrations.

10. Head out on a mini road trip

Sometimes when you want the sun, you want the sun. Maybe, all you have to do is drive for it. Take your date for a drive into the neighboring town where the forecast reads clear skies. Little day trips like these can be great, not only for escaping the rain but also for the simple feeling of adventure!

11. Visit the local bookstore

When it’s raining, few things sound better than snuggling up with a book and hot cocoa. Why not turn this into a date? Book shopping can be fun, because, not only will you stay dry, but your date’s taste in books will give you some insight into the kind of things they’re into. Do they head straight for the romance novel section? Are they lured toward crime fiction?


As well as giving you an insight into your date’s character, singles aren’t often asked to go to a bookstore for a date, making this a unique and cute rainy day date idea!

Rainy Day Date Ideas: Start Making Meaningful Connections Today!

When it comes to making real, lasting connections, rainy day date ideas offer something a bit different. It’s time to take a deep breath, grab an umbrella, head out there, and try out some of our favorite ideas to start connecting with someone who really gets you!

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