5 Subtle Signs You Are Judgmental

A fourth subtle sign you are judgmental is if you hurt other people’s feelings. Being judgmental can be seen in many ways, such as looking at people in a negative way, laughing at others for the way they are dressed, or looking down on someone because of their zip code. All of these things hurt people, and if you are constantly hurting people’s feelings, you could be judgmental. If you are a believer, there is no reason for you to be judgmental of anyone. If anything, you should know better than to put someone down to elevate yourself. True believers who follow Jesus faithfully should never have the desire to purposely hurt others.

When you hurt someone’s feelings, it will leave a lasting impact. You may hurt that person so severely that it could cause them to self-isolate or feel even worse about themselves. Hurting other people’s feelings and judging them is not right. God is not happy with these actions, and He will discipline you for these actions. It is never okay to hurt other people, nor is it okay to judge others. If you are aware of how you have been hurting others, turn to God, repent, and be intentional about never participating in judgment again. 

5. People Don’t Feel Comfortable Sharing Important Things with You

A fifth subtle sign you are judgmental is if people don’t feel comfortable sharing important things with you. For most of us, once a person is judgmental of us, we don’t really want to talk to them anymore, much less share important things with them. In order for people to want to share important things with you, they have to see you are trustworthy to share these things with. Individuals are not going to share important information with those who are judgmental, invalidate their pain, and are not happy for them when positive things happen in their lives. If you feel people are only keeping you at the surface level, it could be because you are judgmental.

People stop sharing important things with judgmental people because all the judgmental person is going to do is make them feel bad and judge them. Why would anybody want to share important information with someone like that? We are only going to share important information with people who genuinely care about us and who are supportive. If you are judgmental, you can be guaranteed that individuals will not feel comfortable sharing important things with you.

If you want to change and stop being judgmental, turn to God. Ask Him for His help, and He will be there. It will take time and a lot of work on your behalf, but it is possible. Each time you feel tempted to be judgmental, ask God to help you fight this feeling. In the same way, if you mess up and are judgmental, ask God for forgiveness and try again next time. If you are wanting to change and have recognized the subtle signs that you have been judgmental, then you are more likely to be able to work on this sin and start living better for God. 

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