6 Dating Lies to Unlearn

For years, maybe even decades, the belief that dating isn’t biblical has been taught for many reasons. One reason being that dating is strongly associated with pre-marital sex, and fornication is a sin. Also, many believers are taught to engage in courtships. Courtships include different stages of getting to know someone with the intention of getting married. However, to reach the courtship stage, you must spend time with the person you are involved with. What other way do you get to know someone you’re romantically attracted to and interested in than to date them? The notion of dating being unbiblical is one that’s been taught and learned because dating is considered an activity of the world, and it is not found in the Bible. However, the idea of courtships isn’t found in the Bible either. So, with this news, what does a believer with a romantic interest in someone do? How do believers get to know someone they’re interested in without stepping outside of the realms of the Bible? The answer is simple, pray and ask God what steps to take to get to know someone you are interested in and follow His guidance. Interaction with believers, humans, is natural. In fact, believers need each other to survive. How we interact with each other determines what relationships are developed. Asking God for guidance with everyone we encounter will help believers remain on the right path while meeting and engaging with the right and wrong people.

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