7 Signs You Might Be the Narcissist in Your Relationship

A fifth sign you are the narcissist in your relationship is if you have to always be right. (This is something that gets on my nerves with narcissists.) They never admit when they are wrong, and they always have to be right. It gets to the point that you have to just tell them they are right in order for them to stop complaining about the issue. If you have found that you always have to be right, you might be struggling with narcissism. 

You don’t always have to be right. In fact, none of us are right all the time. Within our relationships, people around us will be able to help us grow and learn more. However, if we take the mindset that we are always right, we are going to cause much more harm in our relationships. It could even cause us to lose a relationship with someone close to us. Rather than allowing this to happen, recognize and accept that it is okay not to always be right because none of us are. 

6. You Don’t Value the Other Person/People in Your Relationship

A sixth sign you are the narcissist in your relationship is if you don’t value the other person or people in your relationship. This can be seen by you not caring enough to return their calls, meet up with them, or try to fix a past hurt. The people in your relationships will see this and be able to tell that you don’t actually care about them. This can hurt them and cause them to distance themselves from you. 

In order to change, you are going to have to start valuing the people you are in a relationship with. In the matter of your friendships, reach out to them, talk with them, and build a stronger relationship with them. As in the case of family members, talk about past memories, correct any past hurts, and strive to spend more time with them. For romantic relationships, show up for them, be there for them, and consider their own opinions concerning the relationship. People appreciate when you truly value them.

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