9 Ways to Get Him Interested Again Fast

Has a guy you’re dating started to pull away, and now you’re wondering how to get him interested again fast? On top of that, you’re probably wondering why he’s lost interest, which could be for several reasons. Maybe you were too available to him too soon. Perhaps he has met someone else who has captivated his attention. Or maybe he is just busy dealing with something else right now: work, family issues, or a mid-life crisis.

Regardless of the reason, there are simple things you can do to get him interested again fast, without playing games.

Here’s what’s not to do to get him interested again:

  • Chase him
  • Keep texting and calling even when he doesn’t reply
  • Be available 24/7
  • Ask him if you did something wrong
  • Ask him why he hasn’t called or texted

9 Creative ways to get him interested again fast

1. Stop pursuing him

My first tip on how to get him interested again fast may sound counter-intuitive, but hear me out.

Men want to be the ones to pursue you. You are the prize he is trying to win over. If it’s too easy, he won’t value the prize at the end of his efforts.

And two people can’t be chasing each other. So if you’re constantly texting, calling, and asking him out, there is no room for him to pursue you.


Stop pursuing him. Make him work for you. A high-value woman doesn’t play hard to get; she just is hard to get.

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2. Put your phone down for a day

Do you want to learn how to get him (or any guy) interested in you again fast?

Have a no-phone day. Turn it off, put it on airplane mode, or have a friend lock it away in a safe somewhere so you won’t be tempted to glance at it and start dialing his digits.

If you instantly reply to his messages and always take his calls, it will paint a picture that you don’t have a life, which lowers your value. Plus, you’re giving too much of your time and attention to him too easily. He’s got to work harder if he wants more of you!

Men love a bit of mystery, so be a little more aloof. Have him wonder what you’re doing that day when he doesn’t hear from you.

how to get him interested again fast


3. Don’t ever be too quick to respond

This ties into the previous point. In the early stages, when you’ve just connected and may have gone on a date or two, I recommend waiting at least an hour or two before you reply to a guy’s text.

This will send his mind racing and build suspense and tension between you.

“Why hasn’t she replied to my message?”

“What is she up to?”

“Who is she with?”

“Is she with another guy?”

Keep him wondering!


4. Date other guys

Look, I’m not saying that you advertise to him that you’re dating other guys, but you should definitely be dating other guys!

This will mean that your attention is naturally divided, so you won’t invest too much in one guy too soon. It will also mean that if a guy does start to pull away and lose interest, you won’t be so hung up about it because you’ve got plenty of other options.

I’ve seen too many women get hurt because they met a guy they really liked, stopped talking to everyone else, and pinned all their hopes on this one guy. They over-invested too soon, were too easily available, and the guy pulled away.

When you meet the guy you believe is your Mr. Right, it will be hard not to get tunnel vision and focus only on them. But this is when you need to make triple sure you’re still connecting with other guys.

how to get him interested again fast

5. Focus on you

There’s a reason that Little Love Step #1 of my 7 Little Love Steps centers on learning to love you and build your confidence and worth. When you do this, you create a solid foundation that allows you to date guys from a place of strength and confidence rather than lack and scarcity. You know exactly what you bring to the table, and you’re not afraid to eat alone.

So although you want to know how to get this man interested in you again fast, one of my tips would be to forget about him and focus on you. You are way more important than some guy you just met and barely know. When you are happy and loving on yourself, your attractiveness to men will skyrocket. Plus, you’ll realize that although you might want a relationship, you don’t need one to live a fulfilling, awesome life. And ironically, this is usually when love will knock on your door!

woman with girlfriends

6. Shift your mindset

Here’s how to get him interested again fast: reprogram how you think about the situation.

Little Love Step #4 is when you qualify your options. You explore new connections with multiple guys, see if they meet your love vision, and you don’t chase any of them. Because you are the prize he is trying to win over.

When you shift your mindset like this and start showing up in the power seat rather than the “gee, I sure hope he likes me, and I’ll do anything to make sure he does” seat, things will change. You won’t have to worry about the right guys losing interest because they will start to pursue you for a relationship.

7. Send him a text of you doing something epic with someone

A creative way to get him interested again fast via text is to show him that you have an amazing life without him. This will instantly make him want an amazing life with you.

So next time you’re doing something fun, wild, or epic with someone, snap a photo and send it to him.

This will help him see you in a “wow, she’s pretty awesome” light. Plus, it will make him feel like he’s missing out on amazing things by not being with you.

woman taking photo

8. Show him that you have an amazing life that doesn’t include him

There are so many ways to show a man that your life is ten out of ten already, and he will have to be pretty special to get an invite.

When he texts you, wait a while to text him back, and have at least a day each week when you are completely unavailable.

When he asks you out and suggests a day and time, don’t always say “yes,” especially if it’s short notice. Tell him you have plans already and suggest another time.

And I don’t want you to pretend you have a life. If you don’t have one, get one! Don’t be that woman sitting around waiting for a guy to call her. No high-value man wants to date that woman.

Get out and have fun with your friends. Meet new people. Join a club. Pursue your hobbies and passions. Try something new. Do things that bring you joy.

9. If you’re connected on social media, bring your A-game

Social media is another great way to show a man how amazing your life is (and you are) and get him interested again fast.

Hit the brakes on posting what you’ve cooked for lunch or moaning about how your car wouldn’t start this morning—nobody wants to hear about that!

Post awesome photos of all the fun things you’re getting up to. Be positive and share inspirational quotes that move you. Or, if you tend to overshare on social media and spend too much time there, take a little break. Have him wonder where you are, who you’re with, and what you’ve been doing.

how to get him interested again fast through text


If you want to get a guy interested in you again for the long haul and the right reasons, playing games won’t work. It’s less about directly saying or doing anything to the guy in question and more about taking a step back yourself and showing him that you already have a great life and don’t need him. Slowing things down on your side gives him a chance to miss you and pursue you.

And if he doesn’t?

You won’t lose any sleep over it because you’ll be talking to other guys, your options will be open, and you know that there are plenty of amazing men out there who will want to be with you.

Are you currently dealing with a guy who is pulling away, and you want to get him interested again? Which one of these tips will you work on first? Drop it in the comments below!

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