Apply For UNICAF Scholarship Scheme And Claim £9000



Apply For UNICAF Scholarship

You can redeem your PS9,000 voucher to apply for UK Master’s Degree. Complete the application form on the UNICAF official page for scholarships if you want to apply. Later one of their advisors will get in touch with you.

Application Process

  • The first step is to fill in the form on their site by clicking the link above.
  • A Student Advisor will contact you for assistance with the application.
  • The school’s admissions team will contact you to arrange an interview to talk about the admissions process and assist you in completing your application for scholarships.

Since the market is constantly changing with the effects of the latest technology is immense for all businesses, companies need to change to stay relevant. This is why businesses that move quickly need to invest in a highly skilled and educated workforce to boost the efficiency of their operations and earn more money.

Through the Unicaf Corporate Scholarship Scheme, adults working in the workforce can get access to high-quality and internationally recognised diplomas and professionally-designed short classes that can assist them in keeping their skills sharp and broadening their knowledge.

Unicaf provides large grants for Master’s, Bachelor’s Doctoral, Master’s, and short courses in Professional Development to meet your organisation’s education and training needs and issues.

Unicaf Partner Universities

  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • University of East London
  • University of Suffolk
  • Unicaf University
  • University of California – Riverside Extension

Work While You Study

Unicaf utilises modern technological tools and facilities to support its online course delivery. Professionals who have families and other commitments can profit from the flexibility of our degree programs that let them fit their studies around their busy schedules.

Start dates:Monthly Intakes
Duration:It is contingent on the frequency of taking the modules.
Study mode:Depends on the type of program being available
Awarded by:An awarding institution that is the provider of the program
Financing:Unicaf Scholarship

Additionally, every registered student gets a tablet for free from Unicaf if the prerequisites for the program are met.

Learning Online

Electronic learning system Classes will be held within an online virtual learning space (VLE). You can log in at any time. Once you are online, you will be able to communicate with your instructor and other students, take a look at the texts assigned to you, Access digital learning materials and the eLibrary’s resources, write assignments and make comments on the work of other students in the classroom.

Online instructors: We do our best to offer our students the most comprehensive support possible with online instructors who are dedicated. Our instructors online are experts in their field and have years of experience at the highest level. The instructor in your class will try to answer your questions in the shortest time possible, providing helpful guidance and suggestions on any aspect of the curriculum or assessment you be unsure about.

Online classroom: The online learning experience will involve a lot of interaction and participation with the instructor of the class online and your classmates.

Maximise Your Skill And Employability

Enhance your abilities: Highly demanded skills such as team and organisation skills are developed in the classes and enable students to develop their abilities.

Enhance your chances: A Master’s degree can increase your chances of getting an interview.

The contribution to the knowledge: The doctorate is an autonomous academic research degree. It is supported by a group of supervisors who make a unique contribution to knowledge, which is then documented in a publishable dissertation.

The requirements for entry into the scholarship differ based on the college you select as your place of study.

For more and updated information about this scheme offers, visit Unicaf Scholarship page.

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