Codependent Relationships: Signs, Symptoms, and How to Change It – Jayson Gaddis – 452


Most people have a little bit of codependency going on. However, if you have a relationship that is based on codependency, you’re probably feeling insecure and frustrated.

In this episode, Jayson covers the signs and symptoms of codependency, the history of the term, how it “works” and what to do about it. You’ll want to check this out! To sign up for our next Masterclass click HERE.


  • 4:03 – What is codependency?
  • 11:36 – Signs you might be experiencing codependency
  • 16:21 – What are you getting out of hurtful relationship patterns?
  • 18:24 – Increasing your self worth
  • 20:00 – Other ways to do relationship
  • 22:04 – Take action


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