Dating for Marriage: A Comprehensive Guide for Successful Women

dating for marriage

If you’re a successful single woman looking for lasting love, dating for marriage can be a very challenging journey. This comprehensive guide will provide you with eight practical tips and examples. Plus you’ll learn strategies that will empower you to navigate the dating landscape with confidence and ease. So ultimately you’ll find a partner with whom you can build a strong foundation for a happy marriage.

Dating for Marriage: Know What You Want

Define your values and relationship goals: Before diving into the dating world, take time to reflect on your personal values and the qualities you seek in a partner. Establish clear relationship goals to help you identify potential matches who share your vision for the future.

For example, one of our coaching clients is an executive talent scout who I will call Sarah.  Before venturing into the world of dating for marriage, Sarah worked with her coach to reflect on her values, such as trust, loyalty, and open communication. She then identified exactly the qualities she’s looking for in a partner, such as emotional intelligence, ambition, and a great sense of humor.

Dating for Marriage: Establish Your Non-Negotiables

Determine your dealbreakers: While flexibility is crucial when dating, it’s essential to know your non-negotiables. These are the core values and principles you can’t compromise on and should serve as the foundation of any long-term relationship you pursue.

For example, Sarah knew she wanted to have children in the future, and having a partner who shares this desire is non-negotiable for her. She also values her career and seeks a partner who supports her ambitions and is willing to share household and childcare responsibilities.


Dating for Marriage: Choose the Right Dating Platform

Opt for marriage-focused dating apps and websites: Select platforms that cater to singles seeking serious relationships, such as or ChristianMingle. These sites typically offer more in-depth profiles and advanced matchmaking algorithms, increasing your chances of finding compatible partners.

Given her specific relationship goals, Sarah decided to join a reputable dating site like, which is known for connecting Jewish singles who are seeking long-term relationships and marriage.

Dating for Marriage: Create an Authentic and Captivating Profile

Be genuine and specific. Your online dating profile should accurately represent who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner. Be specific about your interests, values, and unique qualities to attract like-minded individuals.  Make sure you start the profile by describing the warm, relational qualities that will draw men to you, like your ability to laugh!  Remember, a profile is not a job resume.

Use high-quality photos: Invest in professional or high-quality photos that showcase your personality and provide a clear, accurate representation of your appearance.  Make sure you are smiling into the camera in an inviting way.  A red scoop top that shows some decolletage will increase your responses. Your photos are incredibly important!

So, when Sarah worked on her profile with her coach, she highlighted her ability to put people at ease and make them laugh.  She describes her passion for traveling, her love for cooking, rooting for the Eagles football team, and her desire to build a family. She included high-quality photos showcasing her interests and personality, such as a picture of her hiking and another of her volunteering at a local charity event.


Dating for Marriage: Communicate Effectively

Initiate open and honest conversations. From the start, establish a strong foundation of trust and openness.  As multiple dates occur, honestly discuss your relationship goals, values, and expectations in a light, non-serious way.


Ask meaningful questions: When getting to know potential partners, ask questions that reveal their character, values, and long-term aspirations.

For example, Sarah connected with a potential match named Jack. She initiated an open and honest conversation about their relationship goals, values, and expectations after the first few dates. She asked Jack about his career aspirations, how he envisioned his future family life, and what values were important to him.

Dating for Marriage: Take Your Time

Be patient. Dating for marriage takes time, and finding the right person may not happen overnight. Be patient and enjoy the journey, trusting that the right person will come along when the time is right.

Sarah, for example, was coached to be patient and not rush into a relationship. She took the time to get to know Jack and other potential matches. She focused on shared interests, values and compatibility (they loved to laugh together).

Dating for Marriage: Practice Self-Care and Maintain a Balanced Life

Prioritize your well-being: While pursuing a lasting relationship, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Prioritize your physical and mental health, maintain a strong social support network, and keep a healthy work-life balance.  This will help you enjoy the process.  You will be able to put your best self out there.

Despite her desire to find a life partner, Sarah prioritized her mental and physical well-being. She maintained a regular exercise routine, spent time with friends and family, and attended coaching sessions.  By following these steps, Sarah created an amazing unfolding relationship with Jack.  Together they are building a strong foundation for a successful marriage.

Dating for Marriage: Stay Optimistic

Rejections and disappointments are inevitable in the dating world. Maintain a positive mindset and be open to new experiences, as they can lead to personal growth and increased self-awareness.  Don’t take any “rejection” personally.  Because in reality, you have no idea what is going on with your match’s life!


Dating for marriage can be both exciting and challenging. Follow this comprehensive guide along with the eight tips, and you’ll be well on your way to navigating the dating landscape with confidence.

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