Evolutionary Love – Andrew Harvey – 448



Do you ever wonder if your relationship pain guides you deeper into whatever you need to heal yourself?

What kind of relationship do you have with God? With reality?


In this explorative and enlightening interview, Andrew Harvey explores how to create evolutionary love that is much bigger than the “you” you know yourself to be. Hang on tight for a mind-blowing ride as Andrew shares his perspective on how relationship work is sacred. He also shares how it serves your soul’s calling.

Tune in and feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, and experience in the comments.


  • Andrew’s definition of true love [11:00]
  • Why is love hard? [12:00]
  • 3 ways to build and cultivate true love [14:00]
  • ‘The shadow’ and an exercise in shadow-work [22:00]
  • Taking responsibility for disowned parts of yourself [29:00]
  • Advice about purpose for when you’re feeling lost in life [30:00]
  • The role of suffering on a spiritual path [40:00]
  • A quote by Rumi [42:00]
  • What is the most important thing people need to learn in relationship? [44:00]


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