How To Not Be A Dry Texter: Tips To Lift Your Text Game

Dry texting has become increasingly talked about in recent years. The phrase refers to someone who typically responds to text messages with brief one or two-word answers. You know the type of conversation. One in which it feels like you’re carrying the whole thing entirely on your own.

These days, we’re long past the time when texting is optional. Nearly everyone texts — and at a fast pace. According to SMS Marketing Statistics, 95% of texts are read and responded to within three minutes, leaving very little room for any slow, dry texting!

So, if you’re worried that you might be a bit of a dry texter, don’t worry! Lucky for you, we’ve got some ideas. To help you learn and understand how not to be a dry texter, we’ve put together some top tips to help you lift your game.

What is Dry Texting?

According to Mel Magazine, a dry texter is, “the type of person who responds to messages with one-word answers — or, worse, single letters.”  Online daters who engage in dry texting often do so because of a lack of interest in the person they’re communicating with.

While this may not always be the case, the perception of dry texting is, more often than not, negative. Therefore, if you’ve connected with someone that you’re genuinely interested in, and you’re worried that you might be a bit of a dry texter, it’s important to know how to tackle this to make sure that the person can see how genuinely interested you are in getting to know them!

10 Top Tips on How Not to Be a Dry Texter

We’ve all sent a few dry texts before. It’s often unavoidable. But, for online daters looking to make meaningful connections, taking the time to craft more thoughtful responses can be a big help when it comes to finding a good relationship. Want to know more about how not to be a dry texter? Check out our top 10 tips below!


1. Say more than one thing

Don’t just text one word unless you’re genuinely in a rush! Everyone deserves a little more of a response than “okay,” or even worse “k.” Use your words wisely and at least try to ensure you’re putting more thought into your communication. Some people insist on verbose, long chunks of text and, even if that’s not your style, you gotta compromise.

2. Put a spin on the usual

Oftentimes, it’s hard to avoid asking the usual “How are you?” But leading with this and nothing else doesn’t really set the foundations for good conversation. Instead, try to put your personality into it.

For instance, going for something like, “How was that big work presentation today? Are you feeling good about it?” will be a lot more meaningful. You’re asking how they are, but with details that show you listen and that you genuinely care.

3. Don’t be boring

When it comes to understanding how to not be dry when texting, avoiding boring texts is key. If you’re looking to break the ice with her or get to know a guy more deeply, lead with your exciting stories and ask engaging questions.

If you’re texting someone you already know pretty well, you can still veer away from the boring territory. Instead of every detail about your work project, tell a funny anecdote about something that happened while you were there. Mixing it up will help to keep things interesting and avoid those dry texts.

4. Don’t use texting shorthand

Everyone’s got their own texting style, but it’s fair to say almost no one wants to respond to a text that simply reads “wyd?” Somehow, this is worse than a single-word text message. Be clear! Avoid being a dry texter by using full sentences or at least one full word.

5. Avoid the obvious small talk

Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid talking about the weather. But, if you scroll through your recent conversation and realize you’ve talked about the weather a lot, you might be sliding into dry texting territory.


Okay, sometimes the weather matters, like when you’re planning a picnic for a first date idea. But often it doesn’t, so be creative in your subjects and if you’re going to talk about the weather, at least make it fun. “This rain reminds me of that time I got lost hiking the PCT!”

6. Don’t respond sporadically

Knowing how to not dry text doesn’t just involve thinking about the content of the text. Often, it’s about your etiquette too. If you want to avoid dry texting, make sure you respond in a respectful timeframe and don’t only engage on your terms.

7. Reach out first

There should be a good balance between you and your partner over who’s reaching out and when. If they’re always the one saying hello or asking you how you are, try switching it up and reaching out first more often.

8. Use emojis

Okay, you don’t have to use emojis, but sometimes they do express a feeling well. Sometimes, there’s just nothing better to say than the crying emoji face. If you aren’t really an emoji person, that’s okay, but no one will accuse an emoji user of being a dry texter.

9. Don’t overthink it

Sometimes people tend to fall into dry texting because they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. Take a deep breath and just be yourself! Your texting style will feel good when you do what feels natural.

10. Ask questions

When it comes to how to not be a dry texter, this one might sound obvious. But, if someone has shared something with you, ask a follow-up question. Instead of responding with, “Oh, weird!” or “Cool,” you’ll come across much more engaging if you ask something instead. Plus, it’ll help to keep the conversation flowing.

Follow Our Top Tips on How to Not Be a Dry Texter and Start Making Real Connections Today!

Knowing how to not be a dry texter can feel a bit stressful at times. But, by following our top tips above, you’re sure to up your texting game and increase your chances of making real, meaningful connections online!


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