Republic of Lithuania State Scholarship Program



About the State Scholarship Program

The State Scholarship Program, which is the state support program of the Republic of Lithuania, is designed to help support the education and mobility academically of the citizens of Lithuania. The Republic of Lithuania and its mobility and Lithuanian education of incoming foreigners and Lithuanians from outside Lithuania.

Goals of state support:

  • In order to encourage mobility for students from Lithuanian studies and research institutes;
  • Providing opportunities for Lithuanian citizens Republic of Lithuania to participate in the programs of mobility offered to Lithuania by other countries is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Attract talented international students in addition to foreign Lithuanians to learn in Lithuania;
  • To increase opportunities for foreigners to take part in Lithuanian, and to increase opportunities for foreigners who want to learn the Lithuanian language to learn about the history and culture of Lithuania;
  • To enhance the competitiveness and appeal in Lithuanian Higher education institutions and encourage the recruitment of highly skilled teachers from other countries (from now on, foreign teachers who teach in Lithuanian universities of higher learning).

The citizens from the Lithuania Republic of Lithuania are awarded the following scholarships as part of the State Scholarship Program:

  1. Part-time doctoral studies;
  2. Allowances for travel to study part-time overseas or other mobility-related programs.
  3. International internships are available in Lithuanian schools.

Scholarships are given to foreign Lithuanians as part of the State Scholarship Program:

  1. Lithuanian course in language and culture;
  2. Partially studied studies in all groups of study
  3. for Lithuanian studies;
  4. Postgraduate full-time studies.

This scholarship is offered overseas to students:

  1. Lithuanian course in language and culture;
  2. part-time studies for groups of any study field;
  3. Lithuanian studies;
  4. for full-time postgraduate study.

State assistance is provided by an institution that has been authorized through the Ministry of Education and Science – the Education Exchange Support Fund.

Scholarship amounts

  1. Graduate students studying in another country for part-time study are granted a scholarship of 15 social benefits of basic (BSI currently, BSI is equivalent to EUR 39.).
  2. The state award to a student who is leaving for part-time study is calculated according to the local living standards approved by the minister of Education, Science and Sports.
  3. The number of scholarships available for internships abroad:

Scholarship for trainees to intern in EU as well as EEA countries:

  • EUR 670.00 each month to traineeships in the below countries: Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Malta, Portugal, France, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany.
  • EUR 600.00 monthly for training in countries listed below: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Turkey.

Scholarships for internships in non-EEA and non-EU countries:

  • EUR 700.00 each month to intern in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, United States.

Tuition fees

The amount of allowance to pay for tuition costs for part-time students depends on the standard tuition fees in Lithuania. The allowance could be equivalent to the amount established in the state of a foreign institution of science and study; however, it is not more than the normal tuition fees for students admitted during the specific year that the Ministry of Education and Science authorized. The length of time of the student’s academic studies is considered when determining the benefit amount. If the tuition fees established for a research or study institution are higher than the standard tuition fee after receiving the grant, will pay the difference between the tuition fee determined at the research or study institute of the other country and the standard tuition fee.

Travel allowances

Benefits for travel may be offered to residents who are residents of Lithuania. The Republic of Lithuania is leaving for part-time studies abroad as per the state-approved mobility programs of the following countries:

  • USA (Fulbright Program);
  • The State of Israel;
  • People’s Republic of China (scholarships granted through the Chinese Scholarship Council and individual universities);
  • The United Mexican States;
  • The Swiss Confederation;
  • The Republic of Turkey.

The travel allowance is available to purchase tickets for transport or visas to pay consular fees associated with the trip and the cost of travel insurance.

The allowance is restricted by one return trip to the university prior to the beginning of the academic excursion and returning after completing the academic excursion. Travel expenses for local or intermediate travel during the academic trip and any other costs are not refunded.

If the travel allowances offered are not enough to pay for the eligible travel costs, the remaining amount is to be borne by the beneficiary through his funds or the institution’s resources that sent them.

The amount of benefit

The travel allowance is calculated per the distance from the residence or place of working or studying (city) within Lithuania to the location of the study or work (city) within a different country, calculated using the calculator used by the European Commission.

You can find the number of benefits here.

The requirements for candidates are:

  • to be an official of Lithuania, the Republic of Lithuania *;

To pursue studies at the Lithuanian institution of study and research or to be employed within Lithuania or in the Republic of Lithuania during the application filing.

Application evaluation forms

  • Formula to evaluate the content of applications for doctoral or master’s programs at foreign universities which have received international recognition
  • Form for evaluation of the content of applications for part-time studies and Lithuanian education for international students within Lithuanian universities and research institutions
  • Evaluation of content Form for foreign applicants seeking support for the second cycle of full-time study at Lithuanian universities of higher learning
  • Content evaluation form for applications from foreign teachers
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