MPOWER Scholarship Program: Get STEM Degree for Women



Women in STEM Scholarship

Recognizing the incredible capacity of women to excel in science, MPOWER created the Women in STEM Scholarship in the hopes of addressing the issue of gender inequality in the field of education.

There is no need to be an MPOWER borrower in order to apply! What are you waiting for?

“It is IMPORTANT that as a community, WE ensure that we have a fair gender representation in shaping the technologies and science of the future. In helping women who are talented to study and work throughout North America, we are helping reduce the gender disparity in the STEM field.”

– Manu Smadja, MPOWER CEO and co-founder

What is a STEM Degree Program?

We define the term broadly to cover any program offered at an MPOWER partner institution that can give you a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or PhD in any area of engineering, science, technology or math. This includes any field that deals with biology, chemistry, geology, physics, the physical sciences, agriculture science, data science, computer engineering, science, and applied or theoretical mathematics.

This list does not cover nursing or medical schools; however, we plan to announce a separate contest for Nursing Scholarships shortly. For a complete list of the kinds of programs we would be looking at in STEM, refer to this listing. However, since it is difficult to create a complete list of this rapidly evolving area of study, please keep in mind that MPOWER might include additional degree programs that are not included in this list if the program is linked to a connection with any area of engineering, science, technology or math.

Empowering Women in STEM

The scholarship program targets women who intend to use their STEM degrees to help the world and society and be examples and advocates for women in STEM. We as a community must ensure that we have a significant representation of women in shaping the technology and science of the future.

The world could appear different when we are more effective in allowing females to influence the technology that is changing healthcare transport, education, or even cities.

In helping women who are gifted to pursue their studies and careers within North America, we are helping reduce the gender disparity in the STEM workforce. However, we would like to do more, and we are launching a new program of scholarships specifically for Women who work in STEM is yet another method to ensure that everyone is playing the same game.

STEM Degree Scholarship Application

If you are one of those students who want to tackle the world and help others to make the world amazing, sign up for MPOWER’s program MPOWER STEM right now.

Women STEM Degree Scholarship Details

Women STEM Scholarship Program Eligibility

  • You must be age 18
  • Females are the best
  • You must be accepted or enrolled in a full-time STEM program offered by any of the MPOWER partner institutions for the duration of the undergraduate student’s studies or a master’s degree program.
  • Are you in any of these statuses:
    • To study at a U.S. partner college or university: F1 visa status, status as a Green Card holder (permanent residents) status or DACA status.
    • To study at a Canadian partner university or college Permanent resident or Canadian student permit holders
  • There is no requirement for being such an MPOWER lender or applicant to be eligible for the MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship, provided that your eligibility requirements as stated above.

Program Selection Critaria

MPOWER will pick winners by evaluating:

  • The quality of the candidate’s essays written in English; they must demonstrate clear thinking as well as clear goals and vision and exceptional writing skills in English;
  • The applicant’s academic record and (if appropriate) professional distinctions;
  • The potential of the applicant to make significant contributions to the STEM area that benefits the entire planet and
  • The applicant’s track record and potential as a role model or advocate for girls and women in STEM.

What and When Scholarship Funds will be mailed to the winners.

After MPOWER selects winners, MPOWER will verify their eligibility. After verification, the winners will receive an acknowledgement. After receiving the winner’s signed Release, MPOWER will disburse the funds directly to the winning institution of higher education as per the terms in any relevant U.S. or Canadian laws.

If the winner’s identity cannot be confirmed or he/she fails to sign the Release, the person is ineligible for the scholarship. MPOWER will select a substitute winner.

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