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Kupe Leadership Scholarship

Apply now to be eligible to study at New Zealand Auckland University for scholarships of up to approximately $25,000, including accommodation. In addition, there is a Leadership Development and Mentoring program that is open to full-time enrollment for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who are enrolled in a postgraduate course.

About The Scholarship

The Scholarship was created in 2018 and is supported by a wide range of donors to philanthropy following an initial investment from McCall MacBain Foundation. McCall MacBain Foundation.

The goal of the Scholarship is to help and encourage extraordinary students to prepare the future leaders of New Zealand. Every scholar will be paired with a mentor in the community who is an authority in their field. They will help, guide, and challenge students as they finish their courses. They will also be part of an individual Leadership Program.

Key Information

Applicable study: Full-time study in a bachelor (Honours) degree, postgraduate diploma or masters degree

Faculty: All

Opening date: 1 July

Closing date: 30 August

Tenure: One year

For: Accommodation and assistance with study

Number on offer: Varies

Offer rate: Annually

Value: Accommodation and/or a stipend up to an amount of around $25,000, plus a customised Leadership Development and mentoring programme

For more details about Kupe Leadership Scholarship Programme by the University of Auckland New Zealand, please visit the scholarship official website.

Kupe Leadership Scholarship Application

Scholars’ applications will generally be open for six weeks prior to the closing date. Be sure to read the rules carefully to ensure that you are eligible before deciding whether to submit your application.

Scholarship Selection Process

  • The Scholarships Office sends the application.
  • A Selection Committee assesses the applications.
  • Candidates short-listed for interviews will be contacted.
  • The Scholarship is granted through the University of Auckland Council on the recommendation of the Selection Committee.


  1. The award will be referred to as Kupe Leadership Scholarship. Kupe Leader Scholarship.
  2. Scholarships will be offered each year, with a duration of up to a year. The Scholarship will consist of up to $10,000 as a fortnightly stipend and the accommodation of a studio-style room located at 55 Symonds Street (see Note I) with a maximum value of approximately $25,000 and up to $22,000 as an annual stipend. The awardees will also receive one-on-one coaching and a full Leadership Development programme.
  3. To be qualified to be considered for Scholarship consideration, applicants must) be citizens or permanent residents in New Zealand, ii) resided for at least five years in New Zealand for at least five years during the 10 years prior to when they apply, and) plan to be enrolled fully for a full term at the University of Auckland in masters or masters postgraduate (honours) degree, or the last year of the undergraduate bachelors (honours) (see Note II) or a postgraduate degree. Students who are enrolled in Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education), Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) and Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) who have completed the required requirements to graduate from an undergraduate program can be considered to be eligible for the Scholarship. Students who are enrolled in a masters degree that exceeds 120 points could also be eligible for the Scholarship at any time during their program (see note 3). Grade point average (GPA) or grade point equivalent (GPE) that is at a minimum of 7.00 (6.50 to Maori and Pacific candidates) is necessary to be considered to be eligible for a Scholarship.
  4. The primary criteria for selection will be academic merit evaluated as a Scholarships Grade points average (GPA) or grade point equivalent (GPE) achieved in the last two-year full-time equivalent studies and potential for leadership in the form of an application, CV, personal statement, references along with an interview.
  5. The Scholarship will be granted to the University of Auckland Council on the recommendation of the Selection Committee comprising the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) (or nominee) and an Executive Chairman of the Kupe Leadership Programme (or nominee), and a representative of the Scholarships Committee, a representative of donors, and an individual from the community that is nominated to the vice-Chancellor.
  6. Receive the recipients of the Scholarship must) be enrolled full-time in the master’s program or masters postgraduate bachelors (Honours) degree, or the last semester of an undergraduate bachelors (honours) award (see note II) or a postgraduate diploma or an advanced Diploma for teaching (Early Childhood Education), an advanced Diploma for Education (Primary) or the Master’s Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) and the second) be a part of the Kupe Leadership Program.
  7. The accommodation cost for the Scholarship will be transferred directly at the expense of Accommodation Solutions. The stipend will be paid when feasible after enrollment confirmation and, therefore, following the last date, students can enrol in or remove courses without incurring fees for late enrolment.
  8. This Kupe Leadership Scholarship may not be used in conjunction with any other award, Scholarship or grant.
  9. The amount of extra and paid work that a scholar can do inside or outside of the University must not exceed 500 hours in the Scholarship course.
  10. The University of Auckland Council has the authority to end or suspend the Scholarship in the event of an unsatisfactory report on the performance of a Scholar from the Academic Head of the student or the Convenor in the Kupe Leadership Program. Insufficient performance in Kupe Leadership Programme may be established by frequent absences and the inability to participate in activities. Exclusions of Kupe Leadership Programme Kupe Leadership Programme will not typically be accepted unless there is a medical reason or personal reasons out of the student’s control.
  11. It is important to note that the University of Auckland Council is not required to award an award if it is decided that there are not many candidates who meet the requirements or no candidates with enough merit.
  12. The University of Auckland can amend or alter the Regulations in consultation with donors, provided there is no deviation from the primary objective of the Scholarship.
  13. The deadline for applications is the closing of the Scholarships Office on 30 August in the year prior to the award.
  14. Notes [I] to [Vbelow are considered to be Regulations.


I. accommodation will be offered throughout the academic year, including Semester One, Two and Two.

ii. Students enrolled in a four-year bachelor’s (Honours) degree or a joint degree with any of the degrees are eligible to apply for the Scholarship during the final year of their studies only. For students who are pursuing this Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB(Hons)) degree, the last year is the year in which the student is enrolled full-time for part III as well as Part III and Part IV courses that are required to fulfil all requirements to earn this degree. Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

iii. Students enrolled in a multi-year masters program are eligible to receive the Scholarship for any year of their course, provided they are enrolled full-time during the entire academic year. The recipients are not eligible to be considered for the subsequent year of financial assistance.

iv. The payments made under the terms of this Scholarship are tax-free so long they are utilized directly to pay for costs related to the awardee’s program of study and assist the recipient in obtaining a living allowance during their studies. Infractions to the regulations will result in the end or denial of a Scholarship.

3. The awardees are bound to adhere to the guidelines for the Scholarship and must inform the Scholarships Office of any change in their enrollment or employment status and their funding status. The awardees must not harm their participation in the Kupe Leadership Scholarship or the Kupe Leadership Program into disrepute. The University of Auckland may suspend the Scholarship and request payment of the funds in the event it is determined that the awardee is not in compliance with these regulations, at the time of the violation.

Help and assistance

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