2022/2023 North American Scholarship Program Round Up 1



This is your chance to apply for all North American Scholarships from 2022 to 2023. The North American Scholarships are available to every discipline and degree level.

Suppose you are lucky enough to have enough money to pay for your education within North America, well and well. If not worried, you are not alone. There are tons of US scholarships available that are either funded by universities themselves, the government, or private corporations/organizations. The process of applying for a scholarship is an excellent way to pay for your education, whether entirely or in part.

north america scholarship program
North America Scholarships PRogram

This article outlines some of the top scholarships within this North American region. Nevertheless, before you get into the details, discover what it is like to live and study for a while in North America.

The top universities around the globe are located in North America, Harvard, UCB, Columbia, Stanford, MIT, to name a few. Students who are international and have a foreign language that is not English must prove their English proficiency through test scores such as TOEFL, IELTS, and others. Students can work part-time when studying on a visa that exceeds 20 hours per week.

There is no limit on working hours during breaks for holidays or semesters. The cost of living is between 10-12 grand. This, in large part, is contingent on the region you live in, North America do you choose to reside. The cost of living is higher in cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco.

List of North American Scholarships in 2022

The option of financing your degree with scholarships lets you pursue your studies at a minimal cost. Here are a few scholarships to be looking into if looking to pursue a degree or plan to pursue studies in North America.

Boston University Presidential Scholarships:

The Presidential awards at Boston University are reserved for highly talented international students. The students must be able to demonstrate impressive academic and non-academic achievements. This award amounts to 25,000 dollars, and it can be renewed for up to 3 years. Students who apply must be non-Americans and not hold permanent residence status. Students from any subject area are eligible to apply.

Clark University Scholarships:

Up to 25000 USD (with the lowest award of 15,000 USD). The Global scholarship program offered by Clark University is open to students from abroad. Students must be undergraduates at the university. They will be eligible for the award for up to 4 years, provided they meet the requirements required to renew the award. Sure, students may qualify for an additional grant of 5,000 USD if they are in a position to pay for the tuition cost regardless of the award.

The American Association of University Women Scholarships:

The AAUW offers these scholarships. AAUW is available only to women who are not American citizens, nor do they have official permanent residence status in the USA. Available at several institutions in the USA, the award can be awarded at the degree level. The scholarship for a master’s degree is valued at up to 18,000 USD. For level Ph.D. and postdoctoral levels, the value of the award is at least 20,000 USD and 30,000USD in total.

The purpose of this scholarship program is to assist women with the desire to help their less fortunate female friends.

Illinois Wesleyan University Grants:

Illinois Wesleyan University’s scholarship programs are merit-based and need-based. Therefore, candidates must be students from abroad who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at the school.

For students who do not get an award, the school offers a variety of assistantship programs and loan programs available. The assistantship programs can help students make a few dollars while studying to pay for their tuition in a small way. The merit-based scholarships can be valued at 30000 USD (at the very least).

There is a Presidential award provided and a presidential award that waives the tuition fees of the winners. It can be renewed for a maximum of four years.

American University Scholarships:

From 6,000 USD to 25,000 USD, The scholarships offered by these scholarships at the American University are for international students. Based solely on merit, these scholarships are only awarded to a small number of students. The award is also renewable.

Fulbright Scholarship Program:

The well-known Fulbright scholarship allows international students to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. at a university in the USA. Candidates must have above-average undergraduate and postgraduate results to be eligible for the award. The scholarship is fully-funded and provides accommodation assistance, health insurance, tuition reimbursement, one-time travel (two ways), and other advantages.

Emory University Scholarships:

The scholar program at Emory University is open to both international and local students. The scholarship jury takes into account applicants’ academic performance or their merit. It is available at the undergraduate level; the scholarship is part and is financed.

Another award that bears the title Robert W. Woodruff award provides a complete payment of the tuition cost, campus accommodation, and administrative fees support.

George W. Jenkins scholarship provides full-tuition assistance and administrative fee reimbursement, accommodation for free, and an annual stipend to recipients.

The Woodruff’s Dean’s Award is worth 10,000 dollars.

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Opening Date: November 30, 2021

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Type: Fully Funded

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