Top High Demand Jobs in Canada Provinces For Immigrants

Top 10 High-demand Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Canada is a very welcoming country, with arms wide to accept legal immigrants, whether for study or professional reasons. With the expected rise in retirement rates for baby boomers (i.e. those born between 1946 to 1965), there is a predicted labour shortage that the government is prepared to alleviate.

By 2024, one out of five Canadians will likely be aged 65 or over. This shows that the baby boomers constitute the majority of the population in Canada. This is a good thing as it opens the door for younger Canadians and immigrants to gain access to many opportunities for employment, as they have most of their professional lives to go.

We present the top 10 job openings in Canada for people who are not natives. If you’re planning to or already have a visa to Canada, this article will guide you toward the best possible possibilities.

Be aware that there is no guarantee. Still, you must do the work and follow the correct method to get the job you want in Canada.

Canada’s economy is booming with Job Industries.

Health treatment, Social Work/Assistance and Technology increased employment by 30,000 in September, which makes it the most prominent industry to grow in Canadian jobs. This is not a stretch, as the nation’s quality of life and health are top priorities. Additionally, in the race for the fourth Industrial revolution, Canada is not planning to be left in the race.

A work permit is required to work in Canada.

The selection of skilled workers is primarily by the following criteria:

  • You must prove that you have enough money to cover your dependents when your arrival in Canada
  • Do you have a post-secondary certification or diploma
  • Experience in a skilled and professional field with at least one-year full-time employment and
  • Meet the minimum requirements for language proficiency of English or French required for French and English

These fundamentals usually help immigrants settle quickly and feel at ease in Canada. So, let’s examine the top 10 sought-after trained professionals working in Canada.

1. Nurses

Nurses’ services are in high demand since Canada highly values healthcare delivery. Along with the fact that the population of Canada is ageing, increasing the number of Nursing professionals and assistants are required to provide care to senior people while also taking care of younger people. Most importantly, they’re needed throughout the country, and their services aren’t limited by location.

To be a licensed nurse in Canada in Canada, you must have an official diploma or degree as a registered nurse. In addition, you must undergo some professional classes and studies in management. Once you have started working, you’ll have to sign up with a regulatory body within the province. The average hourly wage amounts to 36 Canadian dollars

2. Dentists

Dentists are in high demand in Canada. To be a licensed Dentist, you must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized dentist institute. It would be best if you were certified by a territorial or provincial regulatory body. Moving into specialized dental practice requires further education.

The median wage for a dentist can be as high as 77,000 Canadian dollar

3. Pharmacist

As I’ve mentioned, medical professionals in Canada need to keep the population growing healthy and happy. Pharmacists are expected to assist in increasing the number of healthcare professionals available throughout the provinces. In Canada, only pharmacists are permitted to prescribe particular medicines or renew prescriptions. The median hourly wage is 47 Canadian dollars

4. Audiologists

Speech-language therapists and audiologists help those with hearing loss or disorders of communication on their journey to recovery and communicating with others. They can be employed in rehabilitation centres and hospitals or practice with private practices. The jobs include conducting the diagnosis, rehabilitation and rehabilitation of patients and conducting hearing loss, speech disorders or related research.

To be a qualified Audiologist, you need advanced education in either audiology or speech-language pathology. Additionally, you will be required to be registered with the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, and various other organizations that regulate you, depending on the province you work in. The average hourly wage for audiologists is around C$45.

5. Software Engineers, Programmers, Designers

The 4th Industrial Revolution is an enormous window of job opportunities for those looking for technical jobs. Canada’s rapid growth in the telecom, web and mobile technology industries has increased the need for developers, software engineers, and designers.

The median hourly wage is C$44.

A bachelor’s level qualification in computer science or in a related field is typically required to be eligible for these jobs to be considered for these jobs. Although these careers are usually taught by self, experience, talent, and imagination are the primary element in this case. Higher education or postgraduate training is also a plus.

6. Engineers

The specialization of Engineering has been observed to be consistently among the top of “Eligible Federal Skilled Worker Occupations”. Some of the most in-demand engineering careers include Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mining and Geological Engineer, Petroleum Engineer and surveyor.

To be considered an Engineer employed in Canada, You must have at least a bachelor’s in a related field. Under the position, a master’s degree or PhD could be required. A minimum of three to four years of working under supervision and passing a test are also advantages. The median hourly rate is C$40.

7. Industrial instrument mechanics and technicians

Technicians and mechanics in the field of industrial instrumentation are jobs which are highly sought-after across Canada. There aren’t enough qualified and skilled technicians to cover the rising number of retired people and those who choose to change careers. Highly skilled industrial mechanics are highly sought-after, particularly those working in the manufacturing industry.

The requirements for certification as a Professional Technologist in Canada differ between provinces. In general, apprenticeship or vocational training is required, or you might require trade certification. The pay for hours ranges from C$19-C$50.

8. Data Scientists, Statisticians

Every day our online devices are generating an exponentially increasing amount of data. The need for individuals who can analyze and understand it is also growing. The Data Scientists, Statisticians, and Actuaries have been educated to employ mathematical methods to create models that can solve problems and forecast the behaviour of users or consumers and results. To be able to fulfil this job, you’ll likely need the degree of a master’s degree in statistics or math as well as knowledge of other tools for data science. The median salary for statisticians ranges from C$45.

9. Pilots and Flying Instructors

Pilots aren’t limited to military and commercial flights. They could take part in aerial transportation, aerial surveying, crop spraying and many more. Flight engineers are those who perform pre-flight inspections, equipment maintenance and systems. Flight instructors, on the other, instruct new pilots and prepare them for their license exams.

Flight instructors and pilots must complete secondary school and be licensed by a recognized air or flying school. It is essential to note that the different types of aircraft need separate pilot licences. Flight engineers also require to obtain the Flight Engineer License from Canadian authorities. The median hourly pay for flying instructors, pilots and flight engineers ranges from 45 to 60 dollars.

10. Business Development Executives

The business model is slowly changing due to the digital transformation spreading across the globe. Businesses and organizations need public relations and business development managers who have a solid understanding of this field. As a public relations manager, you’ll be the face or representative of an organization’s or brand’s public image. The job responsibilities include:

  • Designing and executing advertisements (online and offline).
  • Conducting and analyzing market research.
  • Sourcing clients.
  • Maintaining relationships with customers and the media.

A college or university diploma in communication marketing, public relations or journalism is required. In addition, it is also necessary to have at least two years of prior experience in sales and public relations and business administration or economics. The average annual salary for public relations and marketing management is around $83,000.

The list is endless as Canada is in dire demand of highly skilled workers to fulfil jobs that are in high order. Some top jobs open to immigrants in Canada include Medical Laboratory Assistants, Veterinarians, Technicians, Occupational Therapists and truck drivers.

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