Scholarship Program at University of Chicago Il



The scholarship covers tuition and charges, including room and board and an enrichment fund of $10,000 to students who show the qualities of perseverance, leadership, and creativity.

University of Chicago Scholarship
University of Chicago Scholarship

University of Chicago Scholarship Program

The University of Chicago has offered its students top-quality education since its inception around 1890. It does not matter if you seek out the humanities, the arts, or physical or biological sciences. UChicago provides a diverse and welcoming community that can spark your curiosity. The students are intelligent, broad-minded in academics, academically focused, and highly determined. Its Core Curriculum engages minds and questions rigorous, multidisciplinary learning assumptions. Small classes, internationally-acclaimed faculty, cutting-edge laboratories, research centers, professional programs that are experiential, as well as over 400 active student clubs make up one of the top undergraduate experiences anywhere in the world.

UChicago is thrilled to partner with the Stamps Scholars Program to offer enrichment grants for third-year students in the College. Interested students can apply for the program in the spring quarter of the second semester. Students selected to be Stamps Scholars will receive enrichment grant funds to help fund the opportunities for learning through their final two years at the College, internships and research projects, ventures in entrepreneurship, and other opportunities at their discretion by the university and Foundation. To learn more, go to this website UChicago Stamps Scholars Program website.

If you are a student in high school looking to apply to UChicago, Please go to the UChicago College Admissions website.

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